Innovative Solutions in Emergency Management

The SandMaster Sandbagging Attachment for Flood Control

The SandMaster attaches to a skid steer, loader bucket or excavator and quickly fills, transports, securely closes and places multiple sandbags where they are needed.


With its capability of creating and placing 4,800-6,200 sandbags in an 8 hour period with only 3 people, sandbagging becomes a viable, cost effective solution for emergency flood control needs.


Most sandbagging machines simply replace the shovel, but the SandMaster performs most of the elements of a sandbagging operation without the large human workforce that is generally required.


By creating the bags when and where they are required, transportation costs and handling the bags is drastically reduced while at the same time speeding up the process for this time sensitive need.


The difference between Preservation and Devastation is the quantity of sandbags in place



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