Priority 1 – Be Survivor Centric in Mission and Program Delivery

Inexpensive, High Quality Temporary Shelter

After a disaster, many of the people who survive suffer from cold, heat, weather, or theft of provisions. To combat this problem, FLL Team Category 6 developed "Temporary Shelters", a modestly priced and effective way to survive the aftermath of a natural disaster. Temporary Shelters are made of two common building materials: Styrofoam and corrugated plastic. To make our shelter very insulated, we combine these two by sandwiching a sheet of Styrofoam between 2 sheets of corrugated plastic. Since both of these materials hold air - one of the best insulators - this combination can be trusted to keep the heat in. Many of these sheets are tied together with durable and available cable ties to form a sturdy shelter. This shelter also helps prevent looting, by giving visual security.



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