Input on FEMA’s Strategic Plan

Organize (emergency supplies) gift exchange events at homes

Please do not give a quick thumbs down on this idea; however,it just may get more people to stock up on emergency supplies before the next major disaster. In addition, it may get neighbors together when a lot them have never even talked to each other. This may also help break the ice for neighbors to get together more in the future, as well.

Can neighbors, as well as families, book club members, Sunday school church members, students and friends organize (emergency supplies) gift exchange games at someone's house? It could be done during the Christmas holidays, 4th of July, birthdays and Thanksgiving. Now I forgot the particular rules; however, emergency items could be exchanged for other emergency supplies between the various people involved.

There could be small pieces of paper in a container that people cannot see. Then they will draw one to see which supply they have won. Of coarse this post it note will supply needed information as to why someone should have this thing on hand. After that, each person may decide on whether to draw from this container or to exchange the gift they have with someone else. This game will continue until each person has taken 3 turns.

Now at these gift exchange events, there would be a neighborhood leader to take orders through the American Red Cross Store website. This leader would also show videos on emergency planning. They would be supplied a laptop/smart phone with 4g network, plus one of those credit card swipes card readers by the local emergency organization. Then they will take orders(show video)from the people in this group.



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