Priority 5 – Achieve Business and Management Excellence

Printers to be Managed by Facilities Management

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Create a policy to provide guidance such that a known, repeatable process for Agency printers will be serviced such that in any given office you do not see GS-15s wasting time locating paper, cartridges, etc. In IT, at the Brooke Road Facility in Winchester, VA - more often than not, printers are out of paper, or need ink cartridges replaced. Problem is: none to be found!! Or, you have one office with budget/people to cover "their printers" while others are taking paper from one printer and putting it in another just to finish their print job...that they need for a meeting in five minutes! Seems like a simple matter, but it is a big time/resource waster. Our mixed environment with contractors who need to deliver documents are sometimes faced with this issue. We pay them too much to have them hunting down a reem of paper. "Administrative Staff" don't take care of this. The IT Service folks don't take care of the printers. The APO doesn't maintain the office equipment: printers/faxes, shredders. A new guy from industry asked about this and all I could say was: Welcome to FEMA! Get used to it. I would have loved to say: "You know what, I will make a suggestion for better Business Management" and I'm sure you'll notice a big difference this time next year." And I'd believe it. I know this may be such a small idea that no one will take it up, but I suggest it at every opportunity. Centrally manage the printers. In my humble opinion, it should be like the electricity/water/toilet. Could Facilities Management take it on?



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