Innovative Solutions in Emergency Management

Post Emergency Shelter

Our FLL Team of 9-14 year olds came up with this idea to help rebuild after a typhoon.


The Post Emergency Shelter is a modular shelter made from pvc pipe and tarps. The shelter is light enough for two adults to carry and sleeps 4 adults. Basic food, first aid, and survival supplies are included. Tarps are fastened with elastic cording to allow movement and Velcro tabs to secure roll-up doors. All parts are stored in a large pvc tube that doubles as a rain barrel when the shelter is built. Rain from the roof goes through a water filter into the barrel. A hose bib on the barrel siphons water without dipping into it. Neoprene mats keep people from getting wet through the floor. Reflective tarp can capture or repel heat depending on application. Ventilation holes in the ends let heat out when needed. PES can be in place before a typhoon happens, surviving the storm in its tube, and is easily found by survivors. A fixed GPS transmitter helps to locate used and unused shelters.



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