Role of Faith-based and Community Organizations in Advancing the Whole Community Approach to Emergency Management

Mass Evacuation Plan / None Institutional Emergency Housing

Utilize Faith Based (Churches and other Organizations) to form partnerships with other Faith Based (Churches and Organizations).


Conduct appropriate screening of members, organize fellowship events, establish transportation and other logistic resources, pursuant to assignment of families from one organization as sponsors to host another family in the event that a mass evacuation of a displaced populace is required.


A Proof of Concept is underway by several Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity firms with several churches, with the aim of being able to process and evacuate approximately two (2) million personnel / families in a 48 hour period.


FEMA should consider funding these types of initiatives in respect to assistance for maintenance of church vehicles (vans and buses) and reimbursement to hosting families as designated temporary shelters.



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