Innovative Solutions in Emergency Management

Mitigation tactics targeting work-place violence scenarios

The use of Emergency Response System (remote transmitter devices) and Panic/Code-Words by select personnel, facility wide, and nation wide as mitigation targeting serious work-place violence scenarios (e.g. Gun-threats at Government Buildings & School).

HYPOTHESIS: A Panic/Code Word in combination with a transmitter device and well orchestrated contingency plans may prove to be highly effective measures to decreasing loss of life in violent scenarios.

QUESTION-1: (LONG-TERM MITIGATION) Should an effort be undertaken to enhance pre-existing protection systems and aid the event outcome in favor of the facility & staff by implementing Personal Emergency Response System remote transmitter devices to select CERT members, teachers, government workers, and personnel of critical infrastructure? (To wear/use to prevent fatalities due to human fear, error, and delayed response of specialized personnel).

*Examples of Emergency Response System remote transmitter devices: (A Panic Button/Device) like “First Response,” or “First Alert,” but altered (to meet the scope of the facility needs, & local response team capabilities). This is a transmitter alert system warn by specific facility employees that will activate an alert when a button is depressed.

QUESTION-2: (SHORT-TERM MITIGATION) Should a “Panic-Word” be used within facilities to covertly indicate to other employees and a response team that an (e.g. shooter is on the premises)=>initiate Emergency Plans.




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