Private Sector Technology Volunteers Supporting Disaster Response

Team Structure

It seems like this is an ARRL ARES team for IT instead of Amateur Radio Comms.


Now, using some of the information in the original post as an example, a Tech Team would have to consist of the following people/roles, with minimum staff recommendations for a single location.


- Network Administrators and/or Technicians (with Network+ and/or Security+ private-sector credentials at a minimum): Absolute Minimum of 2 (12 hour shifts)


- Server Administrators (if any locally-administered servers will be needed to be deployed, Current variation of MCSE, Linux+, Security+, 4+ years Enterprise Server Environment Admnistration) minimum of 1 administrator assuming 1 server.


-- May need a Database Administrator if large-scale local databases will be needed.


- Desktop Technicians (CompTIA A+ Certification and MCP Certifications with Windows Operating System required) to support the end-users. Minimum of 2 (12 hour shifts).


- No Social Media Operation, this should be coordinated through PIO. If the PIO requires assistance, then a Desktop Technician can provide some assistance in installing software or creating accounts securely.


- Information Security (Minimum Security+ Certification with 3+ years experience): Works along side all above roles to ensure that secure operation practices are followed. Minimum of 2 person crew (12-hour shifts)



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