Emergency Management, Healthcare and Public Health

Individual Air Borne Virus Disease Protection Device

Possible protection from Ebola and other air borne diseases that could be spread from sneezing, coughing infected patients who have these kind of diseases.

Google; treating apparatus michael v. caldwell to view my abandoned Invention that has the potential to save lives for hospital staff and everyone that comes in contact with individuals who have the above kinds of diseases. My Idea/Invention/device that anyone can build legally now that my Patent Application is abandoned (due to lack of funds) will emit a small air/liquid mist to the person using this device either by spraying it away from the face or spraying it towards your face by turning the spray nozzle either way. Imagine for a second that the fine air mist spray contained Ebola Serum or other Serums that could prevent the spread of air borne diseases. This device can be used by anyone and everyone using it to save lives. I am not asking or expecting a penny for sharing my Invention/device, that will work that is stealth in nature and has the ability to do so much more, including reading vitals, cell phone and more. This device will just look like a blue tooth and is rechargeable, the air tube will be worn under the clothing.



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