The Timing of Preparedness Actions

People have many views on how and when to prepare for disasters. Some people get ready even when there is not a specific disaster on the horizon. Others may take a “just in time” approach, by preparing after they hear that a specific hazard, such as a hurricane, is about to strike. Meanwhile, others may not take any actions outside of their normal routine, but they know what to do in the moment a disaster strikes (like “Drop, Cover and Hold On” for earthquakes) to stay safe.

Tell us your thoughts and realistic expectations about when individuals, families and communities will prepare and how much they will do to prepare.


The Timing of Preparedness Actions

Easy Prep is common, Hard less so

Living in tornado-prone North Alabama, preparedness is a common topic of discussion. However, this doesn't mean it becomes a priority. Based on personal experience and surveys conducted after the April 2011 Super Outbreak, most long-term preparations were simple or incidental. Most commonly, people would have identified a safe place in their home, owned some (but not all) items recommended for a disaster kit, and knew ...more »


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