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U.S. National Grid - USNG

Here is an idea that may help speed up adoption of the USNG (U.S. National Grid) coordinate system. Below is a link that uses the familiar Google map interface and displays a USNG grid down to 100 meters as you zoom in. The grid lines are properly labeled on the left and bottom edge of the map and the grid lines are visible on both dark and light backgrounds. This link will work fine in most browsers on most devices, ...more »

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Common Geospatial Information Processes

Adopt a common standard for collecting, storing, and disseminating Geospatial Information.


Fully embrace the DHS OneView system that hosts a great number of data layers and then allows users from the Whole Community to view those layers. Will build shared awareness.



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New arrival data from retailers

Hello all. I am taking a GIS course and a FEMA class and started to wondering about evacuations. GIS can map household but needs current data. CENSUS data is great but not today current. I am talking about household with new babies, pets (dogs, cats etc), elderly etc. Who would better know than the retailers? I know we want to figure out how businesses can help in an emergency. What about with their data. Could ...more »

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GIS Resource Typing

a. Formalize role of GIS during non-activation and activation periods i. Non-activation 1. GIS Admin works through Support Services & coordinates GIS activities for all other offices 2. GIS personnel in all offices work GIS data and related information and plans to GIS Admin ii. Activation 1. GIS Admin coordinates GIS support team 2. At least 1 GIS rep per 12 hour shift from each office roles into ESF-5 to work for GIS ...more »

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U.S. National Grid as the Response Language of Location

Through NIMS and ICS, the leadership of DHS and FEMA have directed the phased introduction of numerous operational standards designed to promote and facilitate interoperability for the Emergency Services Sector. Yet, to date, they are without voice when it comes to the single most important element of response – the ability to communicate “where”. As a result, we are geospatially adrift as a nation – every responder ...more »

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