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Hazus --> Common Install Issue --> Class Not Registered

The Class Not Registered error message will appear when Hazus Starts Up, notifying the user that there has been an incomplete install.


Please follow these steps located in the PDF to re-install Hazus.


Note: This message will also appear if Hazus is installed on a machine with ArcGIS 10.6. Hazus is only compatible with ArcGIS 10.5.1


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Topic 1: Identifying and Prioritizing the Major Risks from Disasters and Climate Change

Dam Breach Scenario Needed

DAM BREACH SCENARIO NEEDED Did the emergency preparedness exercise conducted at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station involve a catastrophic flooding accident? I would guess not even though the plant itself was subjected to historic Missouri River flooding just a couple of years ago. As I understand it, post 9/11, FEMA has required that hostile action scenarios be included as part of scheduled nuclear power plant emergency exercises.... more »


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