Other Needs Assistance Administrative Plan

The Federal Assistance to Individuals and Households Program (IHP) (44 CFR 206.110-206.120) provides financial assistance, such as funding to repair damaged homes or replacement of household items, and if necessary, direct assistance to eligible individuals and households. IHP is intended to help disaster-impacted individuals and households who have uninsured or under-insured housing and other needs and are unable to meet such expenses or needs through other means.

Housing Assistance under IHP is administered directly by FEMA. However, the delivery of Other Needs Assistance (ONA) under IHP is contingent upon the State choosing an ONA Administrative Option. The State may either request FEMA to administer ONA or they may request a grant so they can administer ONA. Currently, most States opt to have FEMA administer ONA instead of choosing to administer it themselves. In order for eligible disaster survivors to receive assistance for clothing, personal property, transportation and other non-housing related needs, States must select an option for administering ONA.

FEMA would like your thoughts on whether there are circumstances that may prevent a Chief Executive of an Indian tribal government from selecting an ONA Administrative Option during the pilot program. In addition, FEMA welcomes comments on the ability of an Indian tribal government to administer ONA on its own.

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