National Preparedness Goal Refresh

The National Preparedness Goal (First Edition), released in September 2011, sets the vision for preparedness nationwide and identifies the core capabilities necessary to achieve that vision across the five mission areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery.

The Goal is: “A secure and resilient nation with the capabilities required across the whole community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk.”

These risks include events such as natural disasters, disease pandemics, chemical spills and other manmade hazards, terrorist attacks and cyber attacks. In addition to stating the goal, the document describes the core capabilities that address the greatest risks to the nation.

The Goal is reviewed regularly to ensure consistency with new policies, lessons learned, real world events, and the results of the annual National Preparedness Report. FEMA and its partners are coordinating the refresh effort focusing on discrete, critical content updates the National Preparedness Goal.

As such, we welcome your thoughts and ideas on the following topics:

  • Examples of perceived strengths and weaknesses of the current National Preparedness Goal.
  • Examples of suggested critical updates to the current National Preparedness Goal and core capabilities.
  • Examples of activities and programs you or your organization conduct related to the core capabilities and the associated preliminary targets.

Your ideas will help us understand what works best in your community—and how others could learn from your success. Together, we can make the nation more resilient and secure.

This campaign will be open for new ideas, comments and votes until April 16th

In addition to providing feedback and insights, please consider reviewing and providing comments on the current draft of the National Preparedness Goal. The draft document and a comment form are available online and comments on the draft version of the National Preparedness Goal will be accepted until April 16th.

In the coming months, the National Planning Frameworks and Federal Interagency Operational Plans will also be refreshed to reflect the changes to the National Preparedness Goal.


National Preparedness Goal Refresh

Whole Community Approach

Continuing with the whole community approach, we should encourage each family to establish a FAMILY OPERATIONS CENTER, with basic communications, reunification plans, and emergency provisions. If a particular family is overwhelmed, they would report to their NEIGHBORHOOD OPERATIONS CENTER, which ultimately supplies information (situation and needs) to the local jurisdiction EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER. Each level should ...more »


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