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ICS / NIMS Training

Whether by DHS or FEMA or the CDP, I think all involved need to re-think the limited training opportunities for ICS and NIMS training. They should begin offering more opportunities for ICS training so it may be given, and hopefully implemented, to more emergency responders in the event of a disaster. Ultimately there needs to be more people working on the same 'national-level' training system and thusly allowing better ...more »

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Emergency Management, Healthcare and Public Health

NIMS and National Pandemic Strategies

This is another opportunity to enhance the synchronization between NIMS and the more dated but current national pandemic strategies and plans to include the National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza (2005),1 National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza - Implementation Plan (2006) 2 and HHS Pandemic Influenza Plan (2005)3. The importance of cooperation, coordination and collaboration in planning and preparing for a pandemic ...more »

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Make NIMS/ICS more security focused

NIMS/ICS lacks a security component. With incident management being both natural disasters and man-made disasters (e.g. terrorist attacks) their seems to be a lack of terminology or wording within NIMS that focuses on preparation for man-made disasters. It is important to realize incident management on a natural disaster and terrorist disaster while similiar will have other components that need to be addressed within ...more »

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